Pastor Gloria Gainor’s Biography


“How beautiful upon the mountains Are the feet of them who bring good news, Who proclaims peace, Who brings glad tiding of good things, Who proclaims salvation,

Who says to Zion, Our God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7


Passionately, driven by her love for God and mission to Save the Lost, Pastor Gloria Gainor ministers the Power of God’s Love through inspiration, demonstration, and consultation to others. Proclaiming Jesus is Lord!!! Gloria traveled and evangelized for 15 years before establishing the Lighthouse Evangelistic Church. The heart of all the ministry is motivated by prayer. The 5:00 a.m. prayer line was established in 1994 and is still going strong today.


The Power of God’s Word comes forth with anointing as she opens her mouth to impart the Bread of life unto others. The audience is moved by the grace and realism of the power word of God she delivers. Pastor Gainor has a way of uplifting the crowd, obtaining their undivided attention, while making them partakers with laughter as she brings forth the Word of Truth. Many have received divine healing as the presence of God undoubtedly moves through her yielded vessel.


Truly a visionary, Pastor Gainor established Gloria Gainor Ministries, incorporated Lighthouse Evangelistic Church, Sisters with A Sword and The Appeal to Heaven Prayers for Families.  These ministries were all established on the foundation of PRAYER.


Pastor Gainor’s life is totally dedicated to Christ not just through Words, but in DEED. Fully committed to the work God called her to, Pastor Gloria Gainor has faithfully served in the office as full time Pastor at the Lighthouse Evangelistic Church since 1995.  She served for 16 of those years serving without a salary.  Not only does she preach the Walk of Faith, Pastor Gloria Gainor walks the Word’s she talks of Faith.  Pastor Gainor is an author of very inspirational books.  God supernaturally meets all of her needs with or without a salary or paycheck to depend on. It’s a new season and it’s a new day God’s fresh anointing has already come Pastor Gainor’s way!  It’s a season of Power, Prosperity and Passion. It’s a new season coming to thee.   Your latter will be greater than your past!



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