In April of 1999, Gloria Gainor saw a vision of ships sailing in a large body of water with many, many fish of various sizes.  There were nets connecting from ship-to-ship.  Some of the nets were stretching across the water.  These nets were going through out the water pulling average size fish with no problem but the smaller fish got through the nets.


As Gloria continue to look into the spirit at the vision from the Lord, she saw crews on board the sail ships. Now, I could see the very big fish.  The ships came into the waters where the waters were bloody.  The ships continued sailing and suddenly she could see very big fish and the water became bloody.  At this time the Holy Spirit spoke a scripture to her, Ezekiel 16:6 "And when I passed by you and saw you struggling in your own blood, I said to you in your blood live, "Live!"  Yes, I said to you in your blood, "Live!":


The Lord was saying he wanted these big fish caught and pulled out; he wanted them to Live!  She then saw men swimming like fish and struggling in bloody waters.  She saw fishermen coming to the sides of the boat wearing armer.  The had giant fishing rods and began throwing in the lines.  As they threw in the lines I heard the fisherman scream.  I'VE GOT ONE HELP ME PULL IN THE LINE!"  Others would come quickly.  They all put their hands upon the fishing rod to pull the bigger fish toward the boat.  The nets were filed and the lines cat for the larger fish.  The interpretation came into Gloria's heart immediately for the lighthouse Evangelistic Church ministry of this vision as follows:


The Lighthouse Evangelistic Church is a mission outreach ministry located in North

Georgia demonstrating the power of God's love to all people by living the Life of Jesus.



1.  Intercession for souls.

2.  Unity in the ministry

3.  Unity in the body of Christ

4   Churches moving out in soul winning

5.  Connections of every person in the ministry

6.  Churches & ministries working together bringing souls into the body of Christ..

7.  Relationships between ministries in the same city

8. Training to catch wounded fish and care for them

9. Fresh move of God's Spirit

10. New converts that need prayer.

11. Church folk coming back to God or focusing on a relationship with God.

12.  People filled with shame and guilt of their sins, dying in their own sinful blood  God's grace declares they will live and not die.

13. Intercessors coming together to reach the 'un-churched' in this end time hour.


To summarize the vision, we are sailing the waters of the Holy Spirit is intercession for souls and the Lord is giving us a mandate to reach the lost in this hour.  A fresh wind of God's Spirit is blowing into the sails of the ships.  God is calling for the nets to be washed of differences, divisions, and deceptions to walk in unity sailing with other ships in like vision.  Jesus is on board.

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